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As I Walk To My Station At Work  Written By: Gayle Wilson
The Prison Written By: Pamela Reed
Annabell Lee  Written By: Edgar Allen Poe
She Haunts Me   Written By:: Zaper 
Writings Of Natasha Chamberlin  Written By:: Natasha Chamberlin 


Ripples in a rain puddle
Like a heart full of pain
When somebody comes along
Changing that in many ways
Hero's come in all shapes and sizes
Sometimes you might not even know
But they make a difference deep within
So you can pass it on.
Written By, Melody Wilson '06
As I Walk To My Station At Work

My mom wrote this poem, she works in a Nursing Home and sometimes comes home with stories that fill tears in my eyes.  The Elderly are so under appriciated and are forgotten sometimes. Thats not how its supposed to be, maybe one day this wrong will be righted.

 As I walk in the door where I work
Residents are all over, looking for what?
Their Mom or Dad,
Home and Children.
One stops me in the hall.
Have you seen my son?
I just heard him call my name. Where did he go?
Then she walks away staring, Talking to herself.
Rocking chairs rock,
With a few sitting in them looking on.
One has her head down sleeping, one looking at me smiling.
A man waiting for the soup kitchen to open, he doesn't want to be hungry.
He still thinks he's homeless.
A lady has her baggy, to fill with food for her dog.
I don't no where he is she says," Will you send him home"?
I walk on further to my station, in rooms some are sleeping.,
Some just staring at the ceiling,
"come in son, Come in Sarah, time for dinner then time for bed."
As I walk on I see others who are smiling at me.
Then the ones that are walking with walkers, waiting for the bus to take them home.
Two or three walking fast down the hall looking for their street they live on.
One lady just sits and says nothing all day.
But when she sees her son or daughter she smiles away.
Hoping she going to go home.
There's another whole world in a nursing home.
The little cramped up rooms That they share sometimes becomes their home.
I hear them weeping at night
One gives me a kiss on the cheek,
I just took her to the bathroom.
I see some that no one visits at all.
They look out the window hoping someone will wave
Then theirs Virginia who sits in a rocking chair with All her belongings
Waiting for her son who forgot her Said she's only staying a while
Her purse her sweater, her teddy bear and she waits.
Virginia has gone to heaven now.
But there are people out there other than ourselves who needs a visit and hug.
Some were Nurses, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Some Jobs like mine Just a CNA.
But being a CNA I can make a few smiles happen and so could you.
please go visit a person in a nursing home today
It feels so good to see an old face smile.

Written By, Gayle Wilson '06

To visit and become a friend of a resident in a nursing home just go to your local one and ask somebody who works there. Please be loyal to them though.

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The Prison


I blinked open my eyes, my head felt as if I had been struck hard by a mallet. I slowly leaned forward holding my head for I was sure it was going to fall off. My stomach was gasping for relief from the sharp pains and heavy weight that seemed to be lingering all over my torso. I placed my elbows on my knees and held my grimy head in both my hands. Looking down I noticed that the floor was a uneven lay of filth on top of naked concrete. I blinked a few times studying the ground, trying to get my chaotic mind to catch up with my already growing anxiety. My stomach gave a powerful lurch as my mind realized what was going on. This wasn’t my car. I looked up, maybe to quickly for my body as I study the rest of my surroundings. The foggy room was littered with multiple small cells, each of which looked like they were occupied. The walls reminded me of a dingy vacant hospital, the cheerful wallpaper peeling off and the filth from the floors matching the dirt on the walls. I studied my own cell, the bars rusted but still looked as strong as new ones. The many carvings of the walls made me think of how the explorers up north must’ve felt like staring at the nomadic caves. The single, wire framed bed setting in the corner of my compartment was covered by what looked like the original mattress. The massive decomposing cot was stained with the red serum of many helpless lost souls, among other bodily fluids. I paced the cell, my head still a little foggy from whatever I endured to get here. How did I get here? I took a seat on the tattered mattress and pondered all the possibilities. I was in my car, so maybe I got pulled over? No. didn’t remember that part. Maybe I ran a stop light? Possibly. "maybe you wrecked?" a raspy voice said from the shadows.
I peered into the cell next to me straining to see the producer of the rough voice. "what?" I said to the shadows. I could hear its lungs fill with air as it prepared to respond. "I said, Maybe you wrecked? When I got here that's what I was thinking about. What did I do to get myself here?" his voice was familiar in a certain way, the southern drawl and deep octaves that I imagined used to rang out like a bell on Sunday mornings. "how did you get here?" I said, anticipating the response. He breath deeply again, "I don't really remember much, just woke up in this dirty old cell." His lungs filled again, " I do  remember a letter. I-I was mailing it to my daughter. Her birthday is coming up." There was a slight pause as the man in the dark thought over what memory he could piece together. "there was a postbox and this young couple walked by, I remember because he had a letter too." I clung to his words, hoping that maybe they could help me. I gripped my head and forced to think of what the man just told me. Ok, postbox, young couple, mailing a letter. "were you in a car too? "no I was walking, but the postbox was by Main street." He took in a big breath of air "I sure hope I didn’t miss her birthday."  "how long have you been in here?". he inhaled; "I don't really know for sure because my watch stopped. Hey, do you have a watch?" I peered eagerly down at my watch but it too was dead, a giant crack obscured the hands but I could tell they were like stone. "nope. Mines gone too." He sighed and I could here him settle on his bed.
 I laid back on the mattress and tried to concentrate on what I could remember before I ended up here. I remembered being in my car. It was a sunny day and it was hard for me to see. I turned down the music and fixed. I fixed, what did I fix.  "Damn! Does anyone know where were at?" The voice bounced off the walls, truly showing the great capacity of the room that the haze had covered. I lifted my heavy torso off the bed ,the sudden jerk giving my head another ache. The voice was that of a woman, her soprano voice was hushed by a raspy undertone probably from smoking to many cigarettes. The man in the shadows answered first, "prison. That's what it looks like anyways." I got up to move closer to her voice, straining to much made my head pound even worse. "Well since it looks like I'm in the slammer again I might as well get comfortable." At that point a faint light could be seen in a cell across the room, it must've been her lighting a cigarette. I smiled at my correct assumption. "so what's your guys' names?" she exhaled, the light moving steadily around in the mist. I answered first this time "Tyler. Tyler Martin." I heard the man's lungs fill up with air. " Jeremiah Burns."  "well nice to meet both of you. I'm Louise Fitzgerald." The melancholy hint in her voice spoke of her displeasure. "so how long have you been here, Louise?" "I can't really say, I just woke up." She said, I could see the light being moved to where I presumed was her mouth and then back down. The fog was getting thinner I realized. Unfortunately, Jeremiah was still in the fog but I could plainly see some of the other cells, vacant against my earlier belief. "So Louise, What do you remember before you got hear?" I said while I rested my head on the bars and listened to Jeremiah's harsh breathing. "well, me and Carter were going to go get fireworks down on State Street." She took another puff of her cigarette, "but we had to go mail a letter first." I froze my mind thinking over my own memories and the words that Jeremiah had said before. "Whose Carter?" I asked while my head pounded to a heavier rhythm, the fog began to shift drastically. "he's my boyfriend, why?" the uneasiness in her voice was a striking difference from the tone she had before. Jeremiah inhaled sharply. I squeaked out the needed question, sensing Jeremiah already knew my question before I asked him. "when's your daughter's birthday, Jeremiah?" "July 6th" he whispered. 3 days, mailing time, for a letter. It all became clear: the postbox, Main Street, the prison.
I looked at my watch again. "it says 3:00 pm. Doesn't it?" Jeremiah breathed out. I stared at my watch, in terror. It had to be wrong.  I looked at the cell next to me, the fog was all gone by now and all that stood there was what was left of a man. Jeremiah's body was white as the twilight moon, his chest punctured by a piece of steel; the crimson liquid staining his clothing. He was discolored and tattered like the mattress on my bed. I gasped as I recognized the sheet of steel that pierced my inmate, it was my license plate. I stopped , scanning my eyes to look at my own body. My body was ragged, my arm cut and broken several times, lifting my shirt I could easily place my hand straight into my chest cavity: the outline of the steering wheel visible now that the fog was gone, but nothing hurt. I then only realized that I was breathing just out of habit. Louise must have noticed too because a blood curdling scream could be heard throughout the vast confinement. "GET ME OUT OF HERE! I CAN'T BE DEAD.", I had to reply, I had to try and reassure her that we were alright but the words were stuck before they left my rotting mouth. Just like the watch that clung to my sunken, cold wrist. Stuck between life and death.
Written By Pamela Reed
AnnaBell Lee Written By Edgar Allan Poe


Author: Edgar Allan Poe

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of Annabel Lee;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love -
I and my Annabel Lee;
With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
Coveted her and me.
And this was the reason that, long ago,
In this kingdom by the sea,
A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
My beautiful Annabel Lee;
So that her highborn kinsman came
And bore her away from me,
To shut her up in a sepulcher
In this kingdom by the sea.
The angels, not half so happy in heaven,
Went envying her and me
Yes! that was the reason
(as all men know, In this kingdom by the sea)
That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were older than we
Of many far wiser than we
And neither the angels in heaven above,
Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.
For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling, my darling, my life and my bride,
In the sepulcher there by the sea,
In her tomb by the sounding sea.

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She Haunts Me

She Haunts Me
I wake once again with a tear in my eye
My head whirling with emotions
All I can do is sigh
Cause she haunts me…

Some time I see her run for the door
It scares me when I relies, she can’t be there
And I feel the pain all the more
As she haunts me…

I regret what I did every day
Her memory lives on inside me
Undo I wished I may
Yet still she haunts me…

She was my best friend
For many, many years we were together
Now this hole will never mend 
So she haunts me…

I hope he sole has found rest
For I feel still such regret
I know it was for the best
But still she haunts me…

Written By: Zaper 2010
I put my dog Snow down 3 years ago. May she rest in piece

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Writing of Natasha Chamberlin


The following is poetry created by Natasha Chamberlin, and is used under her consent. 


Thank the Lord for all of his glory

I step outside and have to shut my eyes,

For before me is a great surprise,

Warm sun rays dance upon my skin.

I smile happily as it fills me deep within,

Rays of hope ignite my soul,

Make me want to fly and makes me whole.

I look around and notice all that’s before me,

It makes me cry and want to fall to my knees,

Beautiful skies in all shades of blue,

Little honey bees dart about in the midafternoon,

Flowers of many colours, sizes and shapes,

Dragonflies, birds, trees and greens, nothing is fake,

It makes me realize just how lucky we are,

For all that you see near and far,

Are precious gifts from our father our Lord above.

His love is never ending and is pure like a snow white dove.

From this day fourth I will take the time,

To stop what I am doing and look around,

To see all blessings that’s before me,

To thank the Lord for all his glory.

By Natasha Chamberlin


Dedicated to all of my friends and loved ones

When I am alone and in need of a friend, there you are just around the bend,

When I need a hug or am feeling in pain, there you are be it sun or rain,

You make me laugh, you make me smile, you bring me joy that's so worthwhile,

You are always there when I need a helping hand,

You fill my life with music like a rock star band,

You are all my earth angels, my gifts from above,

You are my friends that I am so proud of.

(This is a little poem I wrote to thank all my friends for taking the time to get to know me, for always being there and for all the good memories that we share.)

xx Natasha Chamberlin


Heavenly Helpers by Your Side

In a field and I am running, running from what I do not know. Faster and faster I run trying to find the gate, the gate to freedom. Is it in sight or am I lost forever in this blackened fog. I scream out in despair, for a helping hand to guide me there, does anyone understand or care? I reach out but nothing can be found, I am screaming but nothing can be heard, I am fighting the demons of despair. Help me as I am falling and need a friend in my deepest hour! Is anybody there?

If you are feeling this way then please do not give up hope. You are never alone no matter how rocky or dark the road may seem. There are people all around you who care and love you, even if they do not always show it. When you reach out they are there to take your hand. You just need to let go of the pain and see what is in front of you. Heavenly angels and helpers are constantly by your side too. They are carrying you, guiding you and helping you to get to the other side. Hold your head up high and wipe those cold tears from your eyes. Feel the presence of love all around you. Things are never as bad as they seem and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to have faith in yourself, those around you and your heavenly helpers.

Natasha Chamberlin


I Thank You Lord

I thank you Lord for your understanding, I thank you for your kindness and giving,

You have blessed my life with love and happiness of many kinds.

You have shown me right from wrong, You are my teacher, my father and my best friend for life,

When I am down or feeling alone, It's you dear Lord who carries me on,

You are my hope and inspiration, my guiding star so bright.

I thank you Lord for each day I live, for every tear of joy that you give,

I thank you Lord for your tenderness, for making me your child,

For this I am truly blessed.

By Natasha Chamberlin


Hope For Depression Sufferers

Is this my life’s plan? Is this how it's meant to be?

Lost in a sea of darkness for all eternity,

I try to scream but my words are gone,

I cannot find them, there is something wrong.

My feet unable to move,

My lips sealed and bruised,

My thoughts away with the wind,

My mind and body heavy with sin.

Numb and weak I need to sleep,

Shut myself away for the entire week,

I want to laugh and sing, yes I do,

But I just can't, I feel so blue,

I do not understand or know why,

I feel I will never touch the sky.

Do not give up heart,

You are far too smart,

This feeling within you - all blues and greys,

They will go in good time they are not here to stay,

Fight your demons my friend,

And happy you will be till the end,

You are important you know you are,

You have come this far,

Look deep within yourself,

Put the cobwebs back on the shelf,

Feed your soul to help it grow,

Free your mind and let yourself go,

Place your body in the hands of the Lord,

He is your shield and he is your sword,

Let him hold you and bathe you in his love,

Whatever you do, never give up.

By Natasha Chamberlin

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