Some Secrets Are Meant To Be Kept





       This is the memorial of my pet and family member, Hagrid. He never wanted to see anyone sad. Whenever you would start to cry he would jump up on you and start to lick you all over your face. He always seemed to listen when you were upset. Even though he couldn't understand the words he was there for you like a friend no matter what. That's what a friend really is. Its amazing how an animal can become such a distinct part of your life. When we first received this little angel he was about a foot long and chubby. I could hold him on my chest and stomach with ease like a baby. If you looked into his eyes you could see his love. Like most animals are loyal, with Hagrid it showed with every move he made. As he grew older and bigger he would still try to jump up in my arms. When I sat on the couch he would lay in my lap almost like a very small dog would. Accept with him he would be covering most of my legs. 
        However Hagrid is no longer with us. He is up in Heaven with God. Hagrid had to be put to sleep because the owners of where we live did not want anyone to have pit bull's. He was such a loyal friend and protector of his home he would bark to loud. Sometimes it would scare people but, Hagrid wouldn't have hurt a fly. He was only interested in playing. However, people only saw him as a pit bull/lab mix and thought of mean animals trained to hurt. Either way it tore me apart having to see the SPCA take him away. As they put that colar with the pole around his neck and started to drag him away I closed my eyes. Feeling tears swell inside I had to look. I had to see him until the end. When I opened them he was looking back as if he was thinking "why? please help..." Although to this day it fills me with sadness I know that we had no choice. Perhaps after it was all over he understood.
       Some people would think that it is silly to react to a pet like this but with me he wasn't a pet. He was a friend, a member of my family that was taken away. I still feel him near me sometimes, whether its my imagination or him watching over like an angel I don't know. If anyone else out there has feelings for their pets or a story of their own feel free to email me. I will be glad to talk about it. Below is a comment area.
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