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Welcome to Weekly Wonder's!  The basics to this page is that when I run across a picture sometimes it inspires me (as I am sure you may know) well. I thought that posting the picture and writing a poem or small story on it might be fun. Some of the pictures are from picture sites and open search engines. If I created the picture it will say it. All of the writing is by me though so keep that in mind. However, seeing as a picture speaks a thousand words and what I see may be different from what you see... I've added a comments section on here so each week when you visit to see the update you can share what to you the picture is saying. Please be respectful in the comments. Know that in posting your comment you agree to the Terms and Conditions located on the Guestbook and Contect Me pages. I hope you enjoy.

Thank You,
Aeolian's Air: October 14, 2010
 Aeolian's Air
As the stars arise he remembers in his mind
The love he had once upon a time
Twas reality in a dream
A dream that destiny was never true to be
Once he did travel upon a star
With brightly shining eyes his journey did seem far
Across to a different land and beyond our border of what defines reality
This world not his own appeared distant and wrong
No Oceans blue or sun glowing gold
No bright green plants illuminated by rays of light
However, did lye was a land without time.
Twilight plays forever this way
Caught in between night and day
Dark purple illuminating blue and pink filling the sky
Two moons one winking and one full
The twilight hour as he knew for them was a whole day
This was not a darkened land
Everything seemingly glowing just beneath
No need for the sun like you and me
These beings were made from light.

There was one he met with a name that called the wind
Aeolian was his twilight flower in this land without hours
Her skin was white but glowed with a tint
Smooth and sleek her hair black in color flowed through the air
Her people appeared as human as he and that made his mind able to love her
Unconditionally his heart beat rapidly for Aeolian
This place set in a distant dream seemed to be his reality
Growing to love and accustom to this different humanity
How calm was their people
How peaceful did seem the planet to be
But, the fact remained this was not a home he was meant to reside
He had to fly and ride the sky back to his own time where 24 hours spent a day
Where evil seemed to linger behind each eye
So each night when the stars appear
He comes out and looks above
Every night shedding a tear
His love, Aeolian
This place set in a reality kept his heart
The stars above always remind of that place and time
No way to decipher  fact or dream
But for a moment through closed eyes he is there
Forever wrapped in Aeolian's air.

Written By Melody Wilson ©2010
Island Of Dreams: August 14th 2009


Island Of Dreams 
The morning was at ease yet the Ocean was swift
The ship we were boarded on left in winds
All of our lives at stake
How much fright were we to take
Water was rushing from top to bottom
Rain whipping at our faces
A giant appeared and I could not believe
My eyes would not see
The wave was like a wall
Shutting us out of everything we new
He and I holding on for dear life
Nothing but an inflatable raft and safety vests as our guide
As the Seas decreased we realized nothing was in reach
All of everything that was went off in the breeze
After a few days our hope began to fall
Only prayers were left as our call
Night break grew and the stars flew
In the distance we seen our lives change
An island of dreams in range
When the sand touched my feet
The little prayer as a seed grew into a real life scene
On our island of dreams time we did not need
Never had I seen a place so plentiful
We built our shelter now a home from scratch
Through day and night, rain or shine its our safety
The stream flowing through our island we drink
A small waterfall is were we bathe
As the years past the yearning for civilization decreased
This is our Eden, our home, our peace
The only place that we can truly be from hatred and greed
Our love eventually bloomed into a flower lit tree
Our minds, souls and bodies forever intertwined
Everlasting love eternally shines
You see the fear in the beginning of this adventure was only that
The beginning
What was a closed door turned out to be an unthinkably real
Yet hidden window that opened
 Our life begins as we step into our own world
A golden adventure and a journey to pursue  
Written By: Melody Wilson 2009
Lover's Utopia: August 27th 2009
Lover's Utopia
Somewhere out there it exists
A place that love is hard to resist
Soul-Mates and true love blossom forever
Goodbye's leading to tears? No never!
A purple blue moonrise is amist
Stars twinkling life of other existents
Two lovers stand by a waterside tree
Living and loving eternally free
Clouds passing by a full moon
Give reason to sing all of their tunes
They begin to dance
Into a heated and heavy romance
Looking up into the sky
Wondering what other worlds hold lovers that are passing by
Beams of night glisten like sunlight
Shining so bright into their Utopia taking flight
So yes I admit
Somewhere out there it exists
But only to believers and people of hope alike
This world is opened to all who see
What wonders lye is heaven's seas
A place made from only peace
Where anybody can get to if they only believe.
Written by Melody Wilson 2009
Watching & Waiting On Destiny: September 20th 2009
Watching & Waiting On Destiny
Onto the edge of the rivers  side
She comes to breathe in the twilights air
The sun bedinning to set into the blazing west
This place so picturesque
Is where she always comes to give her day a rest
Sitting on the fallen branches with the treetops watching down
 Water rippling splashing the sound
Her quest is to find out her inner self
Many hours  she comes to wait and wonder
Pondering her life as to date
Thinking of all the many things that is there worth the wait
How about a dream for bigger things
A love worth the ride off the wind on a thousand birds wings
All the walks through nature
The many things she may discover
Will the future bring her children
Is it possible to become a better mother then the one she knows
How many tears are left to fall
How many smiles are waiting for their call
As the wind blows
First stars begin their show
Nothing else is more beautiful to wait
Then the feeling of a destiny waiting to create
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2009
Magic Of A Book:  October 16th 2009

Magic Of A Book 
The book I hold in my hands is magic, you see?
Not only to me but by everyone with the eyes to read
If I only believe
I can be took to a place I could only visit in my dreams
Anything I can imagine and anywhere as I please
It only takes a flick of a page and the thoughts of me
As the pages I turn unfold a story
I see it through my minds eye
The horses are running free
Storming through the waters coming from the sea
A waterfall shimmers in the distance
Above it in the clouds is a man and woman kissing
A place full of magic while I'm lying in bed
Not magic by a wand or words being said
Its a pure magic
One being given to us by the hands of God
To possibly relieve our stress of a day gone bad
Or maybe to put us in a place a little closer to heaven
Imagine this whole world I read
Coming from somebody's head
By the book I hold in my hands
Not only to me but by everyone with the eyes to read
If we only believe!!
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2009
One With The Sky: October 23, 2009
One With The Sky 
My heart melts and my mind soars
Through the outer edge of space
I long forevermore
As the moons beam
Falling stars gleam
My body screams
To be a part of them
They meaning those other worlds
Echo's of time break through
I can see around the twilight clouds
Another place
Another time
The wind grazing against my eyes
When I close them
For an instant
I am apart of them
Until I can open my eyes
Stop yearning for another and realize
Our planet and I
Our One With The Sky
Written By, Melody Wilson ©2009
  I Am Home: November 10, 2009

I Am Home

As I looked up into the sky
The clouds part slightly
Suddenly a beam of golden light shot down around me
I was in the middle of this world and the next
The sight was something to behold
That golden light made everything around it seem dark
Somehow not even there
I gazed above me
Faintly, I saw the gates of heaven
The words surrounding my mind blurred
Am I ready to leave?
Do I deserve being up there?
What will Jesus be like?
Is God going to be there to greet me?
Who out of my family made it?
The sentences swirled making me dizzy
I had to brush them away
Try to clear my mind
I know this light will fade soon if I don't emerge
Squinting, I try to make out exactly what I seen
The gates and everything surrounding it
Flowing with these golden beams
For a moment, I wonder is it the sun I see?
No this is more then just the sun and clouds
I have to make a move
Suddenly my feet begin
As I approach the light
My journey becomes more and more astounding
For a moment I look back
Back to the world who shut me out
Back to the only place I remember knowing
What will this next step contain?
In that instant a door in my mind opens
I understand all the questions that were unanswered before
All my worries are gone
The citizens of Heaven surround me
I am in the golden light
The gates are pearly white
As they open I see a castle in the distance
My loved ones once gone walk up to me
I am home.
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2009

Journal Of A Man Not Here: November 30, 2009
Journal Of A Man Not Here
Every night the moon appears in the sky.
Sure enough as the stars arise
My cage, my tomb, my existence forbids me
But every twilight she descends before thee.
My world beyond her own for I am gone into her unknown
She comes to the old cemetary where I reside
Each moment she spends here her harp is by her side
The song she plays repeats in my mind
The notes, the tune, her voice echoing in time
I wonder why she is drawn here
Can she sense my head upon her shoulder ?
Can she feel my arms wrapping around her?
Can she tell I fight off the darkness for her?
For that is why I must dwell
Waiting, watching, protecting the woman destined to be mine
Born in separate times
That is the song she sings
That is the moral she brings
That is the reason I am left behind
My mission is the test of time
Who says love can not withstand a mountains climb?
If she only knew how much I long for her touch
To smell her skin and caress the body I yearn for so much
Oh how I want that moment to come
Where her time descends
When she can hear my voice
When I can sing for her
When she can see me...
I know she feels my presence...
Is it love that strives her blessings for thee?
Is it the love we share that brings my moonlit soul mate upon me?
Written By: Melody Wilson©2009 
A Forbidden Love That Mustn't Be: December 9, 2009
A Forbidden Love That Mustn't Be 
How does thou love what thou cannot touch
Only in thy imagination does thee know thy sweet feeling
One memory of a moment two became as one
I only know thy softness of thy body deep in my mind
Thou duties call me but thy heart is ringing
I yearn for my love opposite of myself
Tis a wondrous feeling I get...
When I reach out for thy hand
When I gaze into thou sweet eyes...
 I fall into a world without time
Tis a place only the two of us can see
Because we are cursed with thou love that mustn't be
Perhaps one day our heart's shalt be free'd to fly
Until then...
Thy princess of waters deep, and
Thy prince of thou fire's blazing heat
Shalt contend with thee forbidden love that mustn't be
Written By: Melody Wilson  2009
A journey of One Family: December 21, 2009
A journey of One Family
A journey of one family
With only the Heaven's lighting their way
The brightest star guiding
No time for doubting
Only hope and faith remain
Imagine how that mother did feel
As the December breezes grazed her face
Knowing she carries a baby King
Destined to do great and mighty things
Imagine how that father did feel
As the sand blew beginning to tire as his muscles ached
Knowing he must find strength
For days would unravel; revealing a Destiny
The unborn baby would change the world Forever
As time came to find shelter
The miracle of birth was coming shortly
Only a manger was offered
The rest went down in history
As the greatest gift ever received
Was the story of The Nativity.
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2009
Please remember that during this time of year it is a celebration of one baby that grew up to be the greatest man ever. On December 25 Jesus Christ was born. It is a time of Hope, Faith and Love. For the Three Wise men followed the star in hope and faith that the new King would be on the other end. Mary and Joseph relied on Hope, Faith and Love to guide their way to safety for their baby. This time of year can be stressful with unnecessary worries but please take the time to remember the true meaning of this Month. Its not about a jolly man named Santa or spending money in stores. Its about the greatest miracle that ever was. If it wasn't for this man we would all have no salvation. Praise Be To God!
Life's Journey: January 13, 2010
Life's Journey
Life's journey is mysterious
Like a road that corners into the distance
There is no knowing how long the path may be
Or when the sun will cease
Sometimes what matters most is lost
Forgotten within a bitter frost
As we look upon what lye's ahead
The food for our souls cannot be fed
Forbidden within a dark forest so deep
So many don't look before they leap
Shadows cast from darkness repelling light
Misplaced souls unrealizably giving up the fight
But as we all tend to forget
The golden light around the corner has to be met
The road we're on must be walked
We cannot be still and welcome the feeling to stand and sulk.
Written By: Melody Wilson 2010
A Departure: January 27, 2010
        As the light shines upon the water the ripples of the waves show their mysteries. Oh how the water can be calm, yet change in an instant.
        John Wonderly, a captain of his small fisherman boat, knew this well. His crew consisted of 10 men. During the three summer month's they set out into the blue ocean only to return to shore when unloading and restocking.
        This particular summer air, John knew, had a scent about it. The thick salty smell was calling at him. He was always torn between the ocean and land. His wife made leaving no different; if anything she made it worse. The ocean ran through his blood like his ancestors from the past. He loved Mary so much but found the ocean hard to resist. His marriage was strong and she always waited for him.
                                ~~~Day Of Departure~~~
"Mary, I love you with all of my heart" John said with his strong fisherman hands at her sides.
"Then please don't leave John. I just have bad feelings" she toned holding back tears as she stared into her husbands' blue eyes.
"The same bad feelings as last year? Darling, I will return! Remember I am always with you in spirit" he said pulling her closer. As she laid her head on his shoulder they both took a big breath in, so one another's scent is remembered.  John's eyes begin to water and he quickly wipes them dry.
"My darling Mary, I must go. I will be back and visit for a few days when we need to unload."
        As they pulled apart he began to step on his boat. When it started to pull away Mary constantly waved and yelled "I love you  John." He yelled I love you back and had to turn away.
"Why is this summer so much harder" he thought as he began to work with his crew mates.
                                   ~~~Two Weeks After Departure~~~
        The past 14 days was spent working hard. The morning's and afternoon's was managing the boat, catching and storing fish. At nights the workers took shifts managing the boat as the others drank or slept. John wrote letters to Mary when he missed her. He usually gave them to her when he arrived back home.
        About 1 am on the 15th day the crew was a few miles from shore. A small storm was approaching so they anchored the boat and headed to the lower decks as the rain got harder. Back on shore Mary was fast asleep. She never forgot her prayers for the crew and her husband. As 3:30 am on the 15th day hit she rose from her bed in a deep sweat. A dream had disturbed her. John was floating in the water as morning began to rise.
        Back on the boar most of the crew tried their best to sleep. John said a prayer for himself and his wife as he drifted off. A few hours later the crew awoke to a loud crack. Everyone shuffled around to get to the upper deck  What they seen was unbelievable. A fire blazed through the upper deck. As crew members jumped off the boat John grabbed his letters to Mart and before shoving them into a bottle he wrote... "I am sorry, I love you, I'll be waiting." He held onto his letters and jumped just before a wave knocked hard into the boat. His cherished ship began to sink.
        The water was rough and he felt the bottle slip from his grasp. As a big dark wave came it separated most of the crew members.
"Lord, please watch over my wife. Let her see your will.
 The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastured. He leads me beside the still waters.  He restores my soul. He leads me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I shall fear no evil for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me." (Psalm 23 1-4)
        As he finished his last words he went under. The ocean so many is drawn to, including him, now took his life.
                            ~~~Sunrise On Day 15 After Departure~~~
        Mary had rushed to the docks and seen no sign of her husband's boat. As the sun began to rise and peek through the dark clouds she made her way to the beach. Approaching something lodged in the sand she seen it was a bottle. As she opened it and slipped the papers out she seen her husband's hand writing on the back of a letter. It read "I am sorry, I love you, I'll be waiting." At that moment she knew what he meant and knew what happened. The letters she held on to, unable to read them yet.
        The sun began to shine on the waters as rays of light lit up the darkened clouds. Grabbing her portable camera she took the picture. and whispered "I'll meet you there John, I love you." She knew that though the water can take lives, it cannot take a soul. John now reside's in Heaven.
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2010
The Hidden Eden: Febuary 8, 2010
The Hidden Eden
I have heard of a wondrous place, hidden in just the right space
It was named Eden, a place for all men and women
Lush green forests ever so deep
 Meadows of grass and grazing sheep
Four rivers leading out in different directions
Eden if full of God's protection
That's not all, there is much more
Laying deep within Eden's core stands a tree
Providing mystery to Adam and Eve
The fruit it grew they must not eat...
One day they gave in and took a bite
Deceived by the serpent of lies
God's wrath shown and he was mad
Adam and Eve each had to leave.
A few generations had passed
The serpent kept deceiving mankind 
One fateful day God opened the floodgates
Afterwards goes down in history
But for those who believe, standing somewhere is that tree
The only way to find is through God's loving eyes.
So for those who believe, one day we'll be able to bite that tree
Each with everlasting eternity
Deep within a Heavenly Eden.
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2010
Fog: March 13, 2010
I sink into deep layers of white
As my feet carry me through the darkness
Light from the moon beams through
Silvery velvet clouds visible
My way is obstructed
By low lying fog
This fog makes me feel high
As if I am in the sky
Why do clouds choose to linger low at night?
Though it gives ease to the fright
Aluminizing with an inner light
This dear fog makes me feel alright.
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2010  
Photo Created By: Melody Wilson ©2010

Calming Meditation: March 27, 2010

Calming Meditation
Calming breath
Tranquilizing mind
Appeasing heart
Relieving sighs
Meditation is the key
Count your breaths
Ease your mind
Live by your heart
Embrace each sigh

Written By Melody Wilson ©2010
Terrains Of Depression: April 26, 2010
Terrains Of Depression 
Wipe those  tears away from your eyes.
The weather outside understands why you cry.
Raindrops masking teardrops
Thunder clapping from the mountain tops.
You can't see the flowers or smell their fregrences.
They are grey and bitter to your sences.
A silver lining to a dark cloud only looks grey.
The sun nothing but a hard rock that burns to night.
For all the beauty in the world can not be seen.
If your heart is blind to seeing.
Seeing isn't only in your eyes.
It must be felt within the mind.
Take it from me because I understand.
We all go through our journey in this terrains rough land.
Written By: Melody Wilson ©2010
A Letter In Time: July 17, 2010


                                                     A Letter In Time

                                           To My Loving Daughter,
         I have never met you and you have no been conceived but I know you like you were right next to me. Darling, I see you in my dreams. You are my goal, I love you more then you will ever know! I want to say that everyday I wish you were here. I know that time will bring us near. Honey, when I get mad don't be sad. I go through troubles too. Please know that all the questions you have and all that you do I have done before you. I may be older now but while writing this I am young. So feel free to come to me in any time of need. I will try to remember my promise to myself of no judging. I have done bad things. I have been through stressful days. My tears I have shed are plenty. Although the hopes I hold could full up a pool of dreams. Nobody is perfect and all make mistakes. But the key is to learn from them so you can avoid repeating. Also, through each of your days... no matter if they may be good or bad know that God, Jesus, your father and I love you so. No matter where you go, I am with you in your soul.

                                           Love your Mother, Melody 

                                          Written By Melody Wilson ©2010
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